Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Sweden trip the packing, yuk

So in a week or so i head out to do an 8 day walk south ish from Abisko in Northern Sweden,inside the Artic circle.A few have asked what I'm taking so I've done a rough and ready coulpe of pics and a break down of gear and food I'm taking ...

All in 22 1/2 pound or 10.4 kilo, yes it could be lighter but I'm hoping to get lots of good pics and videos I'm taking really large amount of Battery power to help keep camera and Gopro charged up 

Like most folk who are out a lot footwear of this type need to be bought in a sale ideally, as they don't last that long,ive tried these for last month or two so bought another pair 1/2 a size up and covered all the stitching with Shoo Glu to protect the stitching 

This is my tent bag come repairs bag 

This my wash bag 

1. Bag Alliexpress 
2. Toilet roll 
3. Face cloth/mop up
4. Msr Pack towel 
5. Gerwhol foot cream
6. Toothbrush
7. Toothpaste
8. Dr Bronners soap
9. Soap flakes
10. Hand sanatizer gel
11. wet wipes/face wipes
12. Pit spray 

Trusty Msr kettle,Flat cat Snow Leopard,Homemade cup/measure

Food is all made up into A4 plastic bags, every other day I've put a pudding in to up the calories.All food for 8 days fits in one of Treadlites Food cell bags i had him make me up, minus the main meals.Big thanks to James and crew at Basecamp foods for having such a great range of meals and doing us a stunning deal too 

On average the days come in at 780g ish giving a total of 6300g for 8 days 

Sawyer filter and 2 litre bag and 1 500ml Platty

Yes,it does say 1051g !  50'000 Mah battery power, the 1 spare battery for Gopro and 1 for Camera,3 charge leads and light weight chargers for the batterys

This is the route,one we've made up ourselves  how much of it we follow, will depend on weather and legs ..comes in around 163 k  on Viewranger but 172 miles on Social hiking !!  

A big thanks to James,Mark,Chrisie and Twonk for answering many questions 

Thanks for looking, safe travels Peter